Kolobrzeg Day 2 – The Fun Continues

I don’t think I’ve ever done so much concentrated cookery over so many days without a break and enjoyed it so much. Our second day in Kolobrzeg {pronounced sort of like ‘kowobshek’}, being a Saturday and being downtown, was packed. The calibre of the people who arrived at my tent classes was memorable – very educated, interested, friendly and submissive.

Many were locals, some were on holiday from other cities in Poland, and there were also quite a few Germans in the audience. Berlin is just a few hours away.


Many were taking notes, and many asked interesting questions, so each one-hour class was highly interactive. They were obliged to line up in the next-door restaurant tent after the class and pay 4 Polish Zlotych to taste each item we cooked (only about $1.60 Australian dollars). There is practically no such thing as free anything in Poland, so they were more than happy to contribute.

Indradyumna Swami, the festival founder, co-ordinator and exemplary ‘troop leader’ decided to attend the class and help out with a bit of the cooking. He is a tireless inspiration to all. For the last 15 years, the Festival Tour has regularly staged over 60 festivals in Poland every spring and summer that are attended by hundred’s of thousands of people.


The night ended exhuberantly as usual, with the local children attending the festival dancing into the night.

Posted by Kurma on 16/7/06; 10:03:18 PM

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