Kolobrzeg Day 1 – Wielki Ekstaza!

Here are some images from the festival in Kolobrzeg yesterday. The Mayor gave us a very good spot, right in the city square, which is actually a huge park with gardens and fountains and winding picturesque pathways.


The people of the city of Kolobrzeg are sophisticated and intelligent, and asked more in-depth questions during the class. Seventy people packed into the tent (now orange in colour) for each session.

Here’s a family who were last in line to taste what I cooked, but were rewarded for their patience with a plate of Bengali Wedding Rice, Pushpana.

patience rewarded:

At this site, the pancake tent is just opposite mine, so I nipped over to document the whole procedure in detail.

The precision German pancake makers are constantly hot. The batter looked very impressive, and I asked for the recipe. From the first drizzle of oil on the hot plate to the grand eating finale took about 7 minutes.

well oiled: battered:

bit more batter: spread the word:

a bit more to the left: almost done:

little bit to go: turn me over:

golden brown: jam session:

ready for eating:

As usual, when 10.30 pm came, the final chanting on stage was a blaze of success. The whole crowd were leaping and swaying to the thunderous locomotive of bliss that roared and billowed from the stage, cutting through all barriers of caste, creed and religion, and uplifting all to the heavenly realm of spiritual happiness. Wielki ekstaza!

wielki ekstaza:
Posted by Kurma on 15/7/06; 5:27:45 PM

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