Italy Revisited

I just received some nice photos of my brief stay in Northern Italy at the country retreat in Vicenza called Prabhupadadesh, near the town of Albettone.

The stately temple there used to be an old Monastery in a previous life.

Stately home:

These are some of the beautiful gardens surrounding the temple. In this picture, the sun starts to hang low in the sky in the preamble to a typical sultry Italian summer evening.

beautiful Vicenza gardens:

I ‘slipped into something more comfortable’ for the evening.

vaisnava garb:

Later, in the gorgeous marble-appointed inner sanctum, I gave a short discourse from “The Great Transcendental Adventure”, my biography of Srila Prabhupada, my Spiritual Master (the place is established in his honour). Here I am, playing the two-headed mridanga drum, my favourite instrument.

evening discourse:

Ah Italy! Perhaps I’ll return next year…
Posted by Kurma on 10/9/06; 6:33:27 AM

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