Is Kurma Dasa Actually ‘Asafetida Man’?

Franceen from Oklahoma City sent me a letter yesterday:

“Please tell me more about asafoetida?”


My reply: The ubiquitous asafetida, sometimes spelled asafoetida, finds itself in a great number of my recipes. What on earth is it? Read on…

Asafetida Man:

It’s phenomenal just how many letters I receive about asafetida! It is definitely the most asked question I encounter.

Perhaps it’s true that mild-mannered Kurma Dasa actually doubles as Asafetida Man at night. Have you seen him in his tight-fitting yellow leotards, a large “A” emblazoned on his chest, tirelessly stocking grocery shelves around the world with little tubs of this pungent delicacy like a spice-wielding Santa?
Posted by Kurma on 31/12/06; 4:01:53 AM

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