Holy Food and a Trip to Lake Bled

I spent a very pleasant day out yesterday with friends here in Ljubljana. My host Mrigendra and translator Bharata drove me downtown to the fabulous Hare Krishna Fast Food and Pizza restaurant Holy Food at 5 Igriska Street.


The decor was clean and appealing, the food was fast and delectable, and the service warm and caring.

holy food:

There’s a big choice of pizzas, burek, all cooked from scratch and served hot and fresh, plus a range of sandwiches, pancakes, juices, teas and desserts.

I tried a thin slice of each pizza, plus some delightful warm burek, and that did me in!

thin and crispy:

The place serves hundreds of customers daily, especially students when schools are in session. The special student meal for 700 tolars (about 3-4 dollars) is an irresistible deal.

what a beauty:

After a late breakfast at Holy Food we spent the rest of the day walking around and exploring the alpine Lake Bled, a magnificent place about 40km outside Ljubljana.


The combination of natural wonders and unique culture and history attracts visitors to this place from worldwide. The castle on the hill overlooking the azure lake dates back to 1111 AD.

We took a one-hour cruise on a “pletna” a rowing-boat that is powered gondola-style by a boatman. On our boat were 14 other passengers from New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany and England.

more pletna:

We were amazed at the colour of the lake – an amazing bright blue. And it was crystal clear, with ducks and swans and swarms of little fish. Scenes like this are very soothing for the mind. Here I am, smiling with the ducks (as opposed to swimmin’ wid da fishes).

smiling with the ducks:

After a visit to the unique church on the lake’s island, we took a brief swim before a massive storm rolled in from the Alps, sending sunbathers fleeing to their cars.

storm's a'brewing:

Mission accomplished! My big day out satisfied all my inclinations for tourism (plus my desire for pizza). And it was the grande finale to my stay in Slovenia. Next stop…well, you’ll have to wait to find out, won’t you.
Posted by Kurma on 23/8/06; 3:05:31 PM

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