Here We Go Again

I received a letter from fellow Hare Krishna blogger Rishi yesterday. One of his entries reminded me to check my CD collection. I looked and there it was, an interesting single by Ray Cappo, (AKA Raghunatha) lead singer from one of the most-influential straight-edge bands called Shelter. Since the band members are all Hare Krishnas, their music brought about a sub-genre called Krishnacore.

You may or may not like straight-edge sound, but this band definitely has a message. Here’s the lyrics. It refers obliquely to the difference between the love of this world (compared to iron) and the deep love of the soul for the Supreme (compared to gold). Both are love, but what has more value?

You may be able to download the song from the internet. Here’s a photo of Shelter on stage in Japan

krishna core:

Here We Go (Again?!)

Just as he uses love for sex
And sure she uses sex for love
And they’re both hoping for the best
I also have that dream you’re thinking of.

If we place a blindfold on our eyes
Iron and gold appear the same.
It’s intense hope that makes us try
So we go on and play the game.

And once again we get attached
And think we’ve found the answer
Here we go again.

(chorus: Here, here, here we go again…..)

Ran into many walls
But I know I’ll get that answer
Here we go again.

We loved not wisely but too well…
We’re hoping (s)he will be the one
But we never learn from our mistakes
And based on beauty love soon dies
Then we make our move to separate.

Yes iron and gold appear the same
But one is costly to obtain
And I’ll be the only one to blame
If I resist I know I’ll gain.

Posted by Kurma on 17/4/06; 8:58:08 AM

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