Got to Admit it’s Getting Better

We didn’t think it was possible, but the third of our 5-day cookery intensive in Belgium was the best yet. By now our finely tuned team proceeds effortlessly throught the morning to produce some truly memorable dishes.

Here members of our international team discuss cookery techniques for the tasty fresh pear chutney – from left to right, Syama from Belfast, Maria from Germany, Atmananda from California, Lal Krishna from Australia and Walter from Holland.

in conference:

Krishna Sakti and assistant slice almonds for an amazing Moghul-style Cumin-scented Basmati rice Pulao – laden with golden raisins, peas and sweet spices.

rice pulao team:

These were some of the best Malpoura I’ve ever tasted – spongy confections of anise-scented sweet cakes floating in ripe strawberry-laden yogurt. Summer berry heaven!

fresh strawberry malpoura:

Got to go – more work to be done in the kitchen in preparation for our last two days.
Posted by Kurma on 7/7/06; 1:31:14 PM

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