Getting Very Near the End

It’s still raining in Zagreb.

rain over Zagreb:

Yesterday though, the day cleared enough for an enjoyable tour of the city. We started at the Zagreb daily central market, a fruit and vegetable heaven.

zagreb daily central market:

Under the markets are some dairy stalls. These ladies were selling their home-made cheeses.

say cheese:

Here’s some seasonal fruits up in the main square. The black coloured berries are fresh blackcurrants.


I had trouble figuring out what these were until it dawned on me – they are fresh cranberries.

fresh cranberries:

These are my favourite plums, and they’re everywhere at the moment. I keep fantasising about turning them into jam, a task not suited to my present travelling lifestyle.


This sweet little lady had nothing to sell but these few flowers. I hope someone fulfilled her desires.

humble offering:

After the market visit I was treated to a fabulous one-hour shiatsu massage by Sridama, an old school friend of my son Caitanya with whom he used to practice jujitsu in India. Sridama went on to study massage in Japan and has made quite a name for himself in his field.

Posted by Kurma on 30/8/06; 7:07:33 AM

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