Fun by the Sea

Mrzezyno received the Festival of India warmly. Since there is not much going on in this resort town apart from swimming, eating and drinking, the festival was packed for its opening night. The venue was quaint and unique. My tent, alongside all the others, was set up on the boardwalk. The river estuary that adjoins the sea was literally lapping up below the back of the tent.


The air, already redolent with the smells of the salty Baltic, nautical deisel fuel and fried fish was now mixed with incence, roasting cumin and chili, and the aromas of warm ghee, cherry halava and frying pakoras wafting from my tent.


The program was another resounding success, and a credit to the three organisers of the highly syncronised, well-planned and meticulously executed tour, along with the 250-strong crew.

leading the troops:

Jayatam, his wife Nandini and Indradyumna Swami are constantly refining this 3-month tour, and I was awed to see how smoothly the wheels of the management machinery roll, from conception to completion. Years of sincere and thoughtful meditation and experience have made this a spectacular success.
Posted by Kurma on 19/7/06; 7:00:39 PM

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