Fry Me to the Moon

The ‘chippy night’, or more accurately ‘wedgie night’ (ouch!) has become a best kept secret (not any more) at my friend Trevor’s in Bayswater, Perth. I attended my last one recently, before I head off on my Long and Winding Road Tour that will take me across the country and across the planet.

Here’s some vision:

Trevor is serious about his wedge-making. Two industrial strength fryers adorn his stove top, poised to receive the potato motherload.

a tisket a tasket:

Only the best spuds are selected. These are the old Scottish pink-eyed Kestrels, purportedly Western Australia’s best chip-making spud.


The crispy, crunchy skins adorn the warm melty interior. Served with sour cream and chutney, is this potato heaven?

Posted by Kurma on 28/4/06; 11:24:12 AM

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