Fruit Break

My ‘day off’ was spent cooking a feast for 250! But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In the morning I went for a litle walk around the mainly rural distict of our base camp, which is situated about 20 kilometres inland from the coast between Kolbrzeg and Mrze¿yno.

I noted the dozens of fully-laden cherry trees, and the very handsome red currant vines (below).

red currants on the vine:

After the feast I wandered to the local markets and examined the summer fruit – truly impressive! All the berries vary from around two to three Australian dollars a kilo. Here’s a selection. The red currants are at the peak of their season at the moment.


The apricots here are the largest, sweetest and most fragrant I have ever encountered. The cherries seem to be of three main varieties – the red, dark purple, and orange.

apricots cherries peaches and pears:

Here’s the ubiquitous raspberries and strawberries, plus what appear to be very first class mulberries.

raspberries strawberries and mulberries:

My childhood days in England were full of sweet berry memories. I fondly recall my mother’s home-grown stewed gooseberries with cream. These handsome specimens come in two varieties here.


I don’t actually ever remember seeing this darker variety of gooseberry. I just know they’ll make a great gooseberry tart!

more gooseberries:
Posted by Kurma on 18/7/06; 5:40:29 AM

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