Festiwal Indii – Ustronie Morskie Day 3

Our last day at Ustronie was memorable in a number of ways. A wedding was conducted on stage for a couple from the tour – a security guard and the head of the art department, both from Ekatarinburg, Russia. It was greeted enthusiastically by record crowds, who cheered, threw rice and cried.

Our first class began, as usual, with our receptive audience ‘lapping it up’.

lapping it up:

It soon became evident, however, that the electrical cooking stoves were drawing too much power, and they cut out half way through the proceedings. We had to abandon attempts to fry most our crispy poorie breads, and we limped through to the end. As usual, the audience were kind and understanding, and they all got a full plate of our mixed vegetable curry, and half a poorie each.

The electricians had the stoves fixed by the time we set up for our last class for the evening, and, among other things, we made the best halava pudding I have ever tasted – full of toasted walnuts and juicy fragrant fresh forest raspberries.

I discovered that Polish people like asafetida – I passed around a tub of it, and asked for comments. Most gave the ‘thumbs up’ of approval.

thumbs up:

I also got a chance to check out a few of the stage performances and other tents between shifts. The Balinese troupe were dancing up a storm, enchanting the audience with their colourful performance.


The pancake tents pumps out large, ultra-thin crepes on order, and can fill them with jam, or cream, or sprinkle them with sugar. I tried one with the lot.

Posted by Kurma on 14/7/06; 8:32:22 PM

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