Festiwal Indii – Ustronie Morskie Day 2

The second day of the festival was more relaxed for me since we had already set up the kitchen tent the day before. My assistants also had an easier time, due to a less complex menu.

Early in the afternoon I went up on stage and introduced my program, explaining to the big crowd how in my first class I would be preparing fresh, homemade cheese, and the delicious matar panir, along with a vermicelli cream dessert with almonds, raisins, cardamom and rosewater. The second class would be an assortment of vegetable pakoras and freshly made apple chutney.

on stage:

The audience was also intrigued when I told them that my great great grandparents on my mother’s side came from Poland, and that I was thus a little bit Polish. They gave me a round of applause.

captive audience:

As I was coming off stage I bumped into the Balinese troupe and took another photo. Amazing costumes, yes? Even though I know them, it’s hard to recognise who is who when they’re dressed up. Especially the monkey.


I asked my audience in both classes whether they were locals, or on holidays from elsewhere in Poland. Almost all were from out of town, many returning year after year to this seaside resort on summer holidays, and quite a few specifically for this festival. I also enquired as to whether there were any vegetarians amongst them, and at least six raised their hands, predominantly the younger members.


When it came time for eating, all expressed that they enjoyed the class (and the food!) immensely.


Tonight the whole festival site will be dismantled, loaded onto huge trucks, and moved to our next town, Kolobrzeg.
Posted by Kurma on 13/7/06; 8:45:23 PM

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