Festiwal Indii – Ustronie Morskie Day 1

Day one of the on-site Polish Festival experience was awesome. We loaded all the kitchen trucks and vans and arrived in the picturesque seaside town of Ustronie Morskie (“quiet little village by the sea”) by early afternoon, a leasurely 20 minutes drive from base camp.

The site had already been set up by the ‘roadies’ since dawn, and finishing touches were in progress. Locals, consisting of Ustronie dwellers and tourists from all over Poland, were starting to browse around.

Needless to say I had a lot of fun in my Wegetarianizm tent, and we packed 60 or more very interested people in for both sessions.


Polish people are very jolly, simple-hearted, soft and kind, and most important, they laughed heartily at all my jokes.

cooking class in full swing:

Photos don’t really do justice to the busy-ness of the event. Here’s a few glimpses. Visitors were swarming in by mid afternoon and enjoying the non-stop 6-hour stage performances.

festival begins:

Stage events included a Ramayana stage performance, describing the pastimes of Lord Rama. The Balinese dancers were hot in demand for photo opportunities.

Balinese dancers:

The Magik tent is always full and overflowing.

a bit of magic:

The well-stocked boutiques offered wonderful choices of Indian handicrafts and goodies. The restaurant tent was packed all the time with a great assortment of delicacies.


Oils, perfumes, sarees and other delights were popular with the ladies.


By the end of the night the stage was warming up with some amazing performances, drawing the day’s events to a climax at 10.30 pm. All of us tired little teddy bears drove home to do it all over again today, same venue, with another 4 – 5,000 attendees, many of whom will be return visitors.

just warming up:
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