Feast at Bull Creek

My one-day Challenger TAFE cookery workshop at All Saints’ College on Saturday was a resounding success. The suburb was Bull Creek, an evocative title for a place that no longer has a creek of much significance, nor bulls, but obviously harks to an earlier era.

Here’s our team:

the team at Challenger:

Brett and Melanie (below) are eager vegetarian husband and wife chefs:

Brett: Melanie does Falafel:

Maurice (below, with wife Lee-Anne) is a full-time restaurant owner and chef, and we shared a lot in common with our passion for cooking.

with Maurice and Lee-Anne:

Our yogurt cheese was made from hanging 2 kilos of Greek-style yogurt in a cloth overnight to drain off excess whey. The result was the magnificent basis for our dessert, ready to be sweetened and folded with saffron, cardamom, rosewater and pistachios. Lyn and Ines (left and right, below) are painstakingly removing aromatic cardamom seeds from their pods.

yogurt cheese:

“A meal is not complete without a sweet’ someone said.

talking about dessert:

Some of the fruits of our hard labour:

Hoummos, Falafel, Pita and Salad:

panir steaks on sweet potato mash and rocket salad:

This was my last TAFE class of the season, but there’s plenty more events up my culinary sleeves. See Kurma’s Cooking Classes & Workshops, Australia and the World 2006
Posted by Kurma on 27/3/06; 4:35:31 AM

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