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Yesterday I spent 13 hours labour of love in the kitchen of the Perth Hare Krishna Temple preparing a feast to celebrate the Birthday of Lord Rama. Most of the day there were just 3 of us – myself, Gaura Nama (a brahmacari and true kitchen man, pictured below) and my friend Prahlada. Later a couple of expert breadmakers came and helped us bring everything to it’s grand finale.

gaura nama:

Fresh ingredients are an important part of a successful feast. Here’s a few, including some good quality dried hibiscus flowers for our drink.

tomatoes: succulent eggplants: fresh coriander: fragrant dried hibiscus flowers:

Our menu was as follows:

Basmati Rice
Chana Dal
Potato Pea and Pumpkin Curry
Eggplant and Tomato with Moong Vadis
Yeasted Fried Breads (Bhatura) pictured below
Fresh Panir Pakoras
Tomato-Chili Chutney
Icy Cold Cardamom Kheer
Flaky Oriyan Pastries (Gajja) pictured below
Fresh Fruits with Indonesian-style Dipping Sauce (Rujak Manis)
Iced Hibiscus and Lemon Tea (Aguas de Jamaica)

bhatura: gajja:

After some sweet and ebullient chanting and dancing, our devoted guests sat and heard about the Pastimes of Lord Rama, attractively spoken with dignity by special guest Ramai Swami.


Finally, close to two hundred feasted to their full satisfaction.
Posted by Kurma on 8/4/06; 9:12:44 AM

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