Farewell to Alice

It’s pretty quiet out here in the Northern Territory. Here’s the National Highway.

Northern Territory:

I took a tour of a local landmark after my class on Saturday afternoon.

Simpson's Gap:

Simpson’s Gap is a spectacular gorge, where Roe Creek (dry at present) has carved out a narrow gorge with towering cliffs through Rungutjirba Range.

The Gap:

Yesterday, Sunday, marked the second part of my Alice Springs Cooking Weekend. We cooked it up at the house of Pat and Willie.

Last Big Bash:

And now? I’m back in Perth, my travelling cooking adventures over for the year. It’s time to finish unpacking from my mega house move, and after house-sharing for the last few years, face serious single life again. Bring it on!
Posted by Kurma on 11/12/06; 8:48:23 PM

Life and Travel

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