Expanding Planet

I received a letter the other day from my godbrother Paradhyeya in the USA.

“I humbly invite you to visit this website. Adams is one of the worlds foremost comic book artists as well as being an amateur scientist.


After logging on to the above website scroll down the page and click on the earth planet, then click on any of the 4 video clips listed on the ‘coasttocoastam’ webpage to see an amazingly realistic reconstruction of the history of the way planets in our solar system have been growing and expanding for hundreds of millions of years.

In the same page you can also click on the words “new model” in the introductory text and you will see some more video clips, in particular clip #7 tells the geological story of the Indian subcontinent. This idea of expanding planets is a challenge to modern scientific theory and definately worth thinking about.”

Indeed. Certainly worth checking out.
Posted by Kurma on 21/3/06; 6:56:45 AM

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