Encounters Mainly of the Bovine Kind

This morning before breakfast, as the sun was peeping over the Belgian skyline,
I wandered into the lush, dew-laden fields and found myself face to face with one of the small herd of beautiful Brown Swiss cows here at Radhadesh.


The Brown Swiss breed is one of the oldest dairy breeds in the world, and originated in the valleys and mountain slopes of the northeastern part of Switzerland before historic records began. Today, many Brown Swiss can be found in Europe.

The milk of the Brown Swiss cow is coveted by cheese makers. The milk I have been using to make homemade cheese in my classes has been truly exceptional, so I can vouch for that.

Brown Swiss cattle also enjoy a reputation for their longevity, their ability to produce large volumes of milk, and to reproduce longer than cattle of other breeds.

Wandering further, I noticed a small group of six or eight very handsome trees, heavily laden with a fruit I later discovered were almonds.

fresh almonds:

The almond tree was introduced into Belgium by the Crusaders. Today throughout the region, almond, peach, apricot and fig trees flourish.

I was especially drawn to the fabulously fragrant French Lavender which grows profusely throughout the grounds here in nicely cultivated little garden settings – a credit to the dedicated gardeners.

Posted by Kurma on 8/7/06; 1:04:45 AM

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