Durban Cooking Day # 3

The concluding day of our first three-part cookery seminar went exceptionally well. The feedback has been exclusively positive: everyone enjoyed the course and learned a lot.

The team was quite proficient and efficient by the last day. Here they are, hands-a-blur with the sweet potatoes, and a multitude of other mis-en-place.

kitchen action:

Our calzone, soft yeasted breads filled with fresh ricotta, spinach, red peppers, kalamata olives and three types of mature cheese were spectacular. Almost 100 disappeared in record time at lunch.


The fennel-scented malpoura doughnuts floating in fresh strawberry yogurt were a highlight. There were a lot of happy punters on campus after lunch.


We pose for a group photo on the lawns behind the kitchens. Soon we begin another 3-day course, on specialty cookery entitled Spices, Breads and More.

durban crew:
Posted by Kurma on 28/7/06; 6:15:59 PM

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