Cream Puffs?

cream puffs:

Hang on there, no salivating over your keyboard. If you’re an egg-free vegetarian (a real, strict vegetarian) then look away. These cream puffs have eggs in them. Awwwwww….

T. from Montreal, Canada wrote me yesterday:

“Thank you for your wonderful recipes, I’m enjoying preparing them for Krishna.

I was wondering if there is a way to make cream puffs without eggs. In every recipe that I find, eggs seem to be the primary ingredient. As such, I can not omit them, and I’m not sure how I would replace them.”

My answer: There is a way but I do not have a recipe. I tasted some made with a soya flour paste as a egg replacer. Very nice. But I can’t find the recipe, sorry. Been looking for years.

Firstly try my suggested egg replacers. Go to my blog and key in egg in the search box on top to find my list in an old blog.

Then I suggest an exhaustive and thorough search on Google search engine, using key words like ‘egg-free cream puffs’ ‘egg-free eclairs’ ‘egg-free choux pastry’, then replace egg-free with the word ‘eggless’ Then with ‘vegan’. Then visit See what you can up with. If you find something, let me know.

And if there’s anyone out there with a egg-free eclair, cream puff, choux pastry or profiterole recipe, drop me a line.
Posted by Kurma on 5/10/06; 6:37:20 AM

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