Calm before the Storm

After a morning of planning we finished the day with an afternoon cookery class for all the cooks on the travelling Festival of India Road Show here in Poland. Today was their once a week day off. They had a great time, and as usual we cooked a fabulous feast.

calm before the storm:

Most of these boys and girls are from Russia, Poland and Ukraine, with the exception of my old friend from Melbourne, Santi Parayana, seen above in yellow, caught here in un-flattering mid-blink.

They’ve all been on the road in a blisteringly tough schedule for over a week now, with a month more of touring up and down the Baltic Coast. While the base camp is a vacant school (holidays are on for kids right now), the whole festival sets up for three days at a time along the coast in various pre-booked sites.


After an evening’s festival, attended by 5000 or more locals and Poles on holiday, the team of 250 pack up and get to bed in the early hours, and then start all over again the next day.

The tents and cultural stage events are truly professional, as you will see from the coming 9 days photos. They include a yoga tent, a restaurant, boutiques and Indian fashions, literature tent, plus magicians, dancers, martial artists and childrens’ events, and lots of music, singing and dancing.

I’ll be joining them with a cookery demonstration tent. More fun ahead.
Posted by Kurma on 11/7/06; 5:35:18 AM

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