Big Night in Bunbury

Last night’s class at Aspenz cooking school in Western Australia’s City of Bunbury was a grand success.

mis-en-place time:

My gracious hostess Liz (right) and her associates (left to right) Heather, Kathy and Jess made it, as always, an upbeat, pleasurable and educational night.

The gang at Aspenz:

Here’s most of our twenty eager attendees, poised for their tasty night ahead.

ready and raring:

Our menu for the night:

The Healthy Feast – Beans, Grains & Legumes

Masoor Dal with vegetables served with Turkish Bread
Mauritian-style Dal Rissoles (Gateaux-Piments) served with Home-style Tomato Chutney
Punjabi Red Bean Curry (Rajma) served with Basmati Rice
Pakistani-style Creamy Vermicelli Dessert (Kheer Sevian)

Here’s the ingredients for our succulent dal dish. I explained that red lentils, or pink lentils, are very popular in India’s Muslim kitchens, where they are known as masoor (masur) dal. Their beauty is that they cook in minutes.

o you beautiful dal:

When Indians first came to Mauritius, they brought with them their own traditional cuisine. Gateaux-Piments (literally “chili-cakes”) are a good example of the strong Indian influence still existing in Mauritian cooking today. Sold by vendors on street corners all over the island, these crunchy savouries are wholesome and tasty. I couldn’t take a picture of them – our crew polished them off too quickly.

I told the audience how our Rajma was the North Indian equivalent of Mexican chili. It was laced with cubes of protein-rich homemade panir cheese, which I made on the spot to a jaw-dropping response, and was robust, nutritious, filling and spicy.

spicy rajma:

Last but not least was our creamy almond, pistacio, cardamom, rosewater and raisin-studded dessert. Bon appetit!

vermicelli pudding:
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