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Yesterday my internet connection was down so I wasn’t able to publish this little report, but it’s now up and running, so better late than never.

I was starting to load all my tent-kitchen things into the huge truck for my first real travelling Polish festival adventure. I noticed a lot of activity in the kitchen

The kitchen at home base is a hive of cool, calm culinary professionalism. Here’s a few glimpses. This is a team of ladies making Aloo patra, savouries with buttery pastry rolled around spicy potato filling. First the pastry is rolled into a square, then the potato is spread on top.

potato swirls:

The sheet is then rolled carefully into a log.


The log is finally sliced into rounds, and the rolls are pan fried.


Here they are, crispy and ready to go.

aloo patra:

These ladies are cutting potatoes and cauliflower for the famous samosas, the most popular of all Polish festival foods.


Here’s another classic – ‘simply wonderfuls’. They are as they sound!

life is sweet:

How would you like one of these to steam your vegies? Lunch for the crew fills 2 of these daily.

steamy scenes:

This operation is performed everyday, despite the fact that we will return from the festival site around midnight. The members of the team perform superhuman austerities to get this show on the road.
Posted by Kurma on 12/7/06; 1:55:23 PM

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