Baltic Bliss

I joined the party of Hare Krishna chanters that inundated the beach at Mrzezyno yesterday with spiritual sound and invitations to the festival. Every few metres, Polish sun-worshippers stopped us for photos. The air was clean and fresh, the sun was hot, the water was warm, and the beach sand soft and white. No wonder this is a premier Baltic beach resort.

baltic bliss:

The kitchen was still pumping out the delicacies to serve in the festival restaurant – rolling balls, filling and frying samosas, and baking dozens of cheesecakes.

dem balls:

Breakfast everyday is substantial. Our baking crew come up with some great things – here’s some sugar-crusted jam-filled pastries that were baked for a 250.


The bread here is hearty and dense, and great served with the salt-free creamy Polish butter.

daily bread:

Our evening class at my cookery sent was the last one for this Polish Adventure. The tent was, as usual packed by almost exclusively holiday-makers from all over Poland.

the tent of love:

I posed for one last photo with my dedicated tent kitchen crew that helped me non-stop for my 17 classes on the Festival of India Tour. From left to right: My old friend Shanti who lives in West Bengal but comes originally from Melbourne, Mirek from Czech Republic, myself, Magda my translator from Poland, and Ganga from Siberia. It was a bit sad packing up our tent for the last time. But I’ve been invited back next year…

the crew:
Posted by Kurma on 20/7/06; 7:42:34 PM

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