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I’m preparing myself for some more body-clock bashing. My British Airways flight tonight takes me overnight from Johannesburg to London, with a brief stop there before flying to Munich. There I connect with an Adria Airlines flight taking me to Ljubljana, Slovenia, my temporary home for nine days. I have plans to be there to celebrate Krishna’s birthday (Sri Krishna Janmastami) and the birthday of my spiritual master Srila Prabhupada (Sri Vyasa Puja), and, of course, to teach the ubiquitous cookery classes.

But…terrorist chaos has made the airline system go haywire. So far it is still described as ‘critical’. I’m trying to get regular updates on the security status at Heathrow airport. This is the news as of this morning:

“British Airways has been forced to cancel some of its short-haul flights to and from London Heathrow on Sunday August 13, 2006 as a result of the continuing congestion at the airport.

The airline would like to apologise again to its customers whose travel plans are being disrupted. The airline is doing all it can to minimise flight delays and cancellations including working with the airport operator, BAA Heathrow, which has instructed all airlines at Heathrow to cancel 30 per cent of departing passenger flights.

All European flights from Heathrow Terminal 4 have been cancelled. These cancellations affect 58 return flights to Paris, Geneva, Copenhagen, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Oslo, Basle, Leon, Brussels and Belgrade.

Short haul flights from Terminal 1 at Heathrow airport will also be affected with 37 cancellations to a number of European and domestic destinations.”

Will I make it to Europe? Stay tuned.
Posted by Kurma on 13/8/06; 12:33:02 PM

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