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The ‘Ask Kurma’ section of my website continues to attract multiple daily questions. Here’s an interesting exchange from today:

M. from UK asks, and I respond:

“We are still very much enjoying your cookbooks and are grateful for such a positive transformation to our diet. We are aware of the benefits of eating fresh food …

Because we both work regular office hours and are unable to come home for lunch, we recently started having lunches that we cook at home in the morning just before leaving for work. The lunches available at our canteen are generally not suitable for vegetarians. So a morning-cooked lunch is the only option we are left with.

There would normally be a 4 to 5 hour difference between cooking the lunches and eating them. I tend to have mine un-reheated while my partner has his heated up again in the microwave oven. Is such a lunch ok? Or would it be better to just eat fresh fruit, nuts and bread?

What you eat and how you digest it is a personal affair, based on your taste and body-type. Whereas I am not a fan of reheated food, and especially from a microwave, I am not a fan of cold food either. These are tough choices for a working lifestyle. If you can digest a cold lunch, and you seriously feel quite ok from eating food cold that really should be warm or hot, fine. If your partner feels fine from reheating his lunch, fine.

Did you know that there are many types of thermos-based containers that keep food warm for hours? Perhaps this should be another alternative to simply ‘gone cold’ or ‘reheated’. I think this is a better choice than either of the other two.

Your fresh fruits nuts and bread choice is probably a good one, as long as you actually FEEL like eating these. Food is absorbed and digested and beneficial only if your mental state while eating it is positive. If you can eat these fresh things without hankering for something more substantial, this is also fine. Although I am not sure about eating bread and fruit together. For some this will be ok, other body types not so good. And it would depend on the fruits that you choose.

“Also, does bread made from the day before still count as fresh food?”

Of course. Really, try not to be too fanatical. Working in a job means stretching things a bit for your ultimate benefit. Don’t get too knotted-up in the fine print.

“We know that freshly-cooked food is best, but does this also apply to cooked pulses?”

Again, be practical. If you make dal or beans the night before or the day before, and you want to eat it the day after, and you are working, and this is a practical situation, do it.

Finally … re-heating most grains and pulses actually degrades their digestibility somewhat, so, if you must sometimes re-heat, you should especially try to avoid re-heating anything more than once. According to Ayurveda, the inspiration for all my answers today, each re-heating renders grains and beans exponentially harder to digest.
Posted by Kurma on 2/10/06; 7:28:42 AM

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