Albany Cooking, Part Two

We dived headlong into our second day of cookery bliss at the Summer School. Our menu:

Moroccan Bean & Vegetable Soup (Harira)
Pan-warmed Wheat Turnovers Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes (Quesadillas)
Shanghai Sweet-and-Sour Walnuts
South Indian Yogurt Rice (Dahi Bhat)
Mock Fried Crab Cakes
Spicy Thai Peanut & Cucumber Relish
Lebanese Lemon-scented Rose Water & Orange-Blossom Doughnuts

Here’s Sheryl sifting the flour for the delightful doughnuts.

Sheryl's a siftin':

Alison, a farmer’s wife, attended the class to expand her culinary horizon’s. Here she tries her hand with a mezzaluna on a batch of fresh lemongrass.

Alison with Mezzaluna:

It was a herb-laden menu. Gabrielle and Helen prepare fresh coriander and parsley for the hearty saffron-infused Moroccan soup.

herb ladies:

Meg adds the finishing touches to the quesadilla – some julienne of fresh chili and coriander leaves.


Sally whisks the doughnut batter so fast it practically vaporises…

Whiskin' with Sally:

Just about time for lunch…

soupe de jour:

Finger food at it’s best – the mock crab cakes are served with the yogurt rice, garnished with fragrant lemon zest and toasted almonds, and a nice wedge of quesadilla stuffed with cream cheese studded with roasted jalapeno chilis and sundried tomato.

tasty morsels:

We felt very happpy as we sat down for lunch. Mission accomplished in less than 3 hours.

time to dine:
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