A Scent of Italy

We drove yesterday from Ljubljana, heading south-west and crossed the Italian border mid-morning. My camera was playing up, so I couldn’t take any pictures.

We arrived at a country retreat in Vicenza called Prabhupadadesh, near the town of Albettone. After a lunch of lasagna and salad I chatted with many friends and rested.

I gave a quick evening discourse from my Biography of Srila Prabhupada (the place is established in his honour) and at 7.30pm we departed due west to Bergamo where I spent the night and am now writing this post.

This place is called Villagio Hare Krishna, near Medalago on the strada per Terno d’Isola.

villaggio hare krishna:

Today is the birthday of Sri Radha, the Girl you always see accompanying Krishna. She is the tender-hearted female counterpart of the Divine, and today we will be fasting until noon, supplicating her blessings, then partaking of a sumptuous feast offered in her honour.

sri radha:

That will give me just enough time to repack (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done it) and head to Milan Linate Airport, a quick one hour down the highway. There I will take my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and Bangkok and arrive (weary and ragged, no doubt) in Perth on Sunday evening, ready to face whatever is in store for me there. Sigh…will the excitement ever end?
Posted by Kurma on 1/9/06; 2:55:48 PM

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