A Salty Question

scrambled panir:

Desmond from Gibraltar asks:

“I recently purchased your DVD encyclopaedia of vegetarian cooking and I was surprised to see a recipe for veggie “scrambled eggs” using cow’s milk curd that included salt. My question is this: How does this preparation handle the incompatible food combination* of salt and dairy products?

*According to ayurvedic interpretations such as those published by Dr. Vasant Lad or Swami Sada Shiva Tirth.”

My reply:

Greetings! Thanks for the question. I think perhaps you have misunderstood the salt/dairy restriction.

Salt should NEVER be added to milk. But the restriction does not apply to products made from milk. When milk is transformed into cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, etc, it changes its nature, and no longer has the same qualities as milk.

There are innumerable ayurveda-friendly recipes for panir/chenna cheese-based, buttermilk-based, and yogurt-based savoury dishes that all have salt or kala-namak (black salt) added. These include matar panir, palak panir, karhi-based dishes (yogurt and besan, turmeric, salt, chili etc) and even salted drinks like salty lassi and buttermilk preparations that are highly recommended, digestive and nutritious. Hope this clears any misunderstanding.
Posted by Kurma on 6/2/06; 11:13:48 AM

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