A Night at New Farm

I’m writing this report in a wooden cabin, deep inside the Crystal Waters Permaculture Village in Canondale, Queensland.

The frogs are singing a chorus, and many weird and wonderful creatures are joining in the fun. There’s possums out there, lots of wallabies, crickets, and even a few koala scratching around.

The classes are coming thick and fast. Last night I taught and cooked for 12 at Valerie’s place in New Farm, a trendy Brisbane inner-city suburb.

We had a ball, as usual, and I was so immersed that I forgot to take photos. It wasn’t until the girls were washing up with such soapy gusto that I remembered to whip out my Canon Power Shot and capture their sudsy enthusiasm.

washing up:

Tomorrow afternoon we’re holding a class here in The Village. Can’t wait.
Posted by Kurma on 10/11/06; 8:56:06 PM

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