A Letter from Mozambique

Edmundo Chaúque from Maputo, Mozambique wrote me a charming letter. Here it is, unedited:

“Hy, With your authorization i´m looking for a idea to create a younger club of kurmas friend. send me some other ideas about it and i will very soon tell the results because here in Africa, Mozambique in particulary, many people enjoy and like to eat vegetarian food as a very nice thing for the help {health}.


My self i’m living in rural area something like 5 or 4 kilometres outside the capital maputo where i’m working in the daily fax newspaper and many neighbours and friends of me have farmers. It will so funny if your give us ideas. Cheers edmundo”

I’ll report any follow-up.
Posted by Kurma on 13/5/06; 4:57:23 AM

Life and Travel

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