A Day in Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok, on the way to Europe for the start of my cookery adventure.

I’ll try to visit a few local temples before my onward flight to Frankfurt tonight. It’s very hot and extremely humid outside. Oh, it’s just started raining.

Thai temple:

This is Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon built in 1688-1703, home to the reclining Buddha, the most beautiful and second biggest Buddha in Thailand.

The hotel I’m staying it affords quite a nice vista – very pleasing to the eye. The Thais are very expert in the art of beautiful visual presentation.

room with a view:

Travelling to exotic destinations where I’m not cooking often presents culinary challenges for me. I needed lunch today, so I went to one of the several restaurants downstairs from my room and requested something vegetarian without any garlic, onions or shrimp paste and fish sauce, all of which can be very common items in Thai cooking.

Thai lunch:

Here’s what we came up with: asparagus tip and tofu stir-fry in a flavoursome green peppercorn sauce, with combination jasmine/red rice. Expertly presented and first class flavours. I should include it in my repertoire.

It was actually good to break my journey on the way to Europe. I’m feeling very refreshed. Just as well, I’ve got a 12 hour flight to Frankfurt that leaves at midnight tonight. Still, there’s an all day stopover in Frankfurt tomorrow to realign myself.
Posted by Kurma on 28/6/06; 8:54:48 PM

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