A Day at Greg & Jenny’s

Alice Springs has a very pleasant feel to it – vibrant, alive, fresh, in a subtle sort of way. It’s hard to describe really, but I noticed it as soon as I stepped off the plane.

Perhaps due to it’s geophysical placement in the very centre of the country, there’s a lot of good feng shui and vastu here. Maybe none of this makes any sense to some of you.

But for a ‘small’ Australian country town – 30,000 – there’s a larger than normal proportion of yoga schools, vegetarians, vegans, vegetarian restaurants and ‘alternative’ stuff going on out here. And to the indiginous aboriginal people, it’s a sacred spot.

My classes here were fully booked with a very large waiting list. Friday’s local paper, the Central Advocate, published an article and photo, and people were flocking to tear pieces off my clothing as I walked down the street. Well not really, to the last bit. My host’s cat had a try though.

Yesterday’s class was a beauty. The crew of 14 were eager and vivacious, our hosts eager to please, the menu was appropriate, the kitchen was great, and we all had a very nice day.

Here’s the gang in the throes of ‘mis-en-place’.

alice mis-en-place:

We made the most remarkable batch of puffed poorie breads that I have ever seen at a cookery class, or anywhere for that matter. The dough was perfect – neither too dry nor too moist, and the crew did a sublime job of rolling the thin discs of dough. Truly spectacular. Here’s Pia, the chief fryer, with her handiwork.

best ever poories:

Even though it was over 38 degrees Celcius outside (it reaches 44 some days), the house, as are all houses in Alice, was cool and cosy.

This is us, after the class and before lunch, in Greg and Jenny’s backyard, with the Macdonnell Ranges in the background. Some of the rocky outcrops around town appear uncannily similar to the sacred hill of Govardhana, my favourite holy site in Northern India.

The gang at Alice:

Today we are doing another class, with a different menu and a new crew, at someone else’s house. The last class of 2006 for me. What a year! I feel blessed.
Posted by Kurma on 10/12/06; 5:52:33 PM

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