Where the *bleep* is Kurma?

It’s nice to feel wanted. A number of regular Kurma bloggers wrote concerned letters wondering whether I have sailed off the edge of the earth.

Well, I’m actually on the road, in Australia’s Northern New South Wales at the moment, doing classes here and there. This photo of the beautiful hills and mountains of Murwillumbah, with the mystical Mount Warning shrouded in mist, was taken from the garden of one of my hosts. To give you some sense of perspective in this lush green vista, those little brown specks are a herd of Jersey milking cows.

murwillumbah: ,

Without phone connections it has been hard if not impossible to maintain my daily blog. It makes me a little uneasy to think of just how much we are totally dependent on phone lines for most correspondence these days; and country Australia is sometimes less than perfect in these regards. For instance, my host at the moment has waited many days for the famous Telstra to connect the phone, but still the line is stone dead. So thanks for your patience.
Posted by Kurma on 24/10/05; 10:51:12 AM


Footloose and Fancy Free

This may boggle your mind. You may like to try it more times to see if you can outsmart your foot. But you probably won’t.

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number 6: in the air with your right hand.


Your foot will change direction.

Can you beat it? Apparently a small number of persons can. Are you one of the lucky ones?
Posted by Kurma on 24/10/05; 11:29:42 AM

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