What on Earth is Black Salt?

black salt:

Antaryami from Florida, U.S.A., asks:

“Kurma Dasa, tell me about black salt. I see it in all Indian grocery stores, I’ve seen it in India. As well I’ve seen it in all Krishna temples. But Kurma Dasa, neither the temple cooks, East Indian cooks, nor Indian grocers really know anything about it, other than it is a good thing. So tell me, what is black salt, where does it come from, is it a natural salt, is it really good for humans to use as a flavouring or spice?”

My reply…

“Black salt is a special type of Indian rock salt, mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan and India. It’s full of therapeutic benefits, and is recommended for patients with high blood pressure…” read more
Posted by Kurma on 3/9/05; 10:00:31 AM

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