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My flight to London departs Sunday noon. I’ll keep you posted.



Posted by Kurma on 10/7/05; 12:26:40 AM from the Travel dept

Touchdown London
I never take it for granted how fortunate I am to be travelling, seeing the world, and working hard, all at the same time. I’m tired but having a ball!

Sunday afternoon’s British Airways flight from Brussels was delayed and landed in Heathrow Terminal 4 almost an hour late. There had been some sort of security scare at Terminal 3 in the morning. Everyone is really on edge since the massacres in the underground railway system on Thursday.

Apparently another critically-injured victim died today bringing the death toll to 70.

On the way from the airport to Hertfordshire, my place of abode for the next 2 weeks, we encountered an incident on a ring road just outside the airport. Four big armed police vehicles and another 4 police cars overtook us, sirens screaming, and blockaded the highway ahead of us. Dozens of heavily armed SWAT-style troops leapt out and surrounded a car, automatic weapons raised. A team of ferocious-looking police dogs and their handlers leapt out another. A young-looking suspect was made to alight his car and stand, arms above his head as the team surrounded him, weapons raised.

I leaned out the window to take a picture, but one of the troops very firmly waved us on.

As far as what I’m doing here in London, let us see what my schedule looks like after I settle in for a day, and as usual, I’ll ‘bring you up to speed’ with my virtual diary.
Posted by Kurma on 11/7/05; 1:30:48 AM from the Travel dept.

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