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This morning I head off to Applecross, a Perth suburb, for a cooking class/lunch for 8 ladies.

I’ll try to get a photo or two of today’s adventure. This photo was taken a few months ago in Ballarat, Victoria. The menu was titled “The Endless Brunch”.

lunch with kurma:

Hands-on classes combined with lunch/dinner parties at private homes is a great idea, and very very popular. I’ve got over 20 menus to choose from. Invite me over some time for a fun day. More information, menus etc.
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The cooking class at Koreana’s gorgeous Applecross home was a resounding success. The ladies ‘had a lot to say’, but I kept them in check. 🙂

Here’s what we cooked:

The Global Vegetarian

Creamy Gujarati Yogurt Soup (Karhi)
Canadian Orange-infused Pecan and Wild Rice Pilaf
Fresh Panir Cheese crusted in Egyptian Spice and Nut Dip (Dukkah)
Succulent Mixed Vegetable Balls in Herbed Tomato Sauce (Kofta)
Dubai-style Salad of Fresh Date, Toasted Turkish Bread, Herbs & Feta
Smoky Lebanese Eggplant Dip (Babagannouj)
Epiphany Doughnuts in Lemon-scented Rosewater & Orange-Blossom Syrup

Here’s Karen, Connie and Jules degorging the eggplants. We roasted them over an open flame (the eggplants, not the ladies) until they were redolent with smokey flavours, then peeled and chopped the flesh, folded it with tahina and fresh lemon juice. Mmmm – Babagannouj!

Preparing the Eggplants:

Everyone had a ball. Here’s a close-up of the great Dubai-style salad.

Lunch is served:

It was scented with lemon zest and chock-full of lovely things – mixed garden greens (including purple radiccio from my garden), three types of mint, toasted almonds, feta cheese, grilled Iraqi breads, sliced crispy fennel bulb and fresh dates. The food was sensational, the company ‘ebullient’.
Posted by Kurma on 11/8/05; 8:19:32 PM

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