The Cows of Bungay Bungay

Annette Greenhalgh, who runs the cookery school at which I taught, also owns one of the biggest dairy herds in the area. There are 700 Holstein Fresian cows milked every day at ‘Bungay Bungay’ (Aboriginal for ‘midday’). Seventy percent (70%) of dairy cows in Australia are Holstein Fresians.

mother cow:

The present property ‘Bungay Bungay’, is a small part of the first township settlement of the same name that was originally established in Wingham in 1841.

Bungay Bungay:

The welcome rain bucketed down as we took a little tour of the dairy at milking time.

ready for milking:

Although not the richest of milk-givers (cream per litre) this variety of cow yields a higher amount of milk per head.

cows a'milkin':

The milk ended up in huge vats all frothy and creamy.

thick and creamy:

Now it’s time for me to wander to new pastures. I’m off to Northern NSW to visit friends in Murwillumbah and host a couple of – wait for it – cooking classes. So what else is new?

I may be offline for a few days. If so, feel free to graze through my website to your heart’s content.
Posted by Kurma on 16/10/05; 7:10:22 PM

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