Today there was a tumultuous storm with hailstones, torrential rain and tormentuous winds. Is there such a word as tormentuous? Probably not. But anyway, you get the drift.

It was at the time of a massive footy final and I was thinking of all those people out there at Subiaco Oval wrapped in plastic garbage bags being stung by flying pieces of ice, horizontal blasts of wind (all in the name of enjoying themselves, of course) while I just stayed at home in my little kitchen.

I did my second of three classes in a row, and it felt snug. Here’s John cooking a batch of corn cakes for our Endless Brunch Menu.

Cook, John, cook:

Here’s what we cooked:

The Endless Brunch

Sizzling Pan-fried Haloumi Steaks with Leafy Salad Greens, Fresh Basil, Grape Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, & Toasted Pinenuts on Grilled Turkish Bread

Yogurt-Cheese (Labneh) with Fresh Balsamic & Honey Strawberries

Scrambled Panir with Miniature Puffed Fried Breads (Poories)

Breakfast Corn Cakes with Tomato & Avocado Relish (Salsa Mexicana)

Moist & Luscious Maple Fruit Muffins

Pears Croustada

What a tough life, eh?
Posted by Kurma on 17/9/05; 7:09:53 PM

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