Mrs Gladys Shulcz wrote me a letter today from Staten Island, New York:

“Greetings Kurma! I cooked some poories last night from your classic cookbook Great Veg Dishes for a dinner party. Wow! they all turned out perfect and puffed like veritable dirigibles (now there’s a mouthful!).

That book has been so well used over the last 10 or more years it’s almost falling apart. So thanks Kurma for adding so much culinary color and warmth to our and I daresay many others’ lives. Very best, Gladys.”

Have you (yes, you reading this blog) ever cooked poories (sometimes spelled puris)? They are a real buzz. Here’s a couple of pictures of a class in Ballarat Victoria a few months ago where we made the dough, kneaded, rolled and cooked them for lunch.

The need to Knead:

poories are puffin':

If somebody asks me, I will publish the recipe.
Posted by Kurma on 1/10/05; 12:04:26 AM

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