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They say ‘no rest for the wicked’. If that’s the case, I must have been a bad boy. Monday started off restful, but ended on quite a busy note.

After a fair bit of running around Watford in the early afternoon looking for some Rosehip Oil (not as common here as in Australia, it seems), my host and I embarked on a journey downtown for an interview in Lambeth at a television production house.

We chose train as our ‘commute’ (gosh, they use the word as a noun these days) since a journey by car would have taken us a long, long time. Just as well Sitaram knew his way around. The London Underground Rail system can be quite awesome to the unititiated.


Apparently numbers were down in the trains. It’s only been a few days since the bombings, and some people are staying away, especially since today’s ‘Times’ and ‘Observer’ front pages both quoted the Police as saying they expected more attacks. Some tracks are still closed.

We met with Jon Swain from Optomen Television, the team that helped make Jamie Oliver, the Two Fat Ladies and Gordon Ramsay so popular in the TV cookery world.

We spoke about the possibility of doing a new vegetarian TV cookery series together. Let’s see what develops.

It was hot and cramped on the trains as we returned home in rush hour (still heatwave conditions in London) and we got back thoroughly ‘knackered’ to use the quaint Australian ver’knack’ular.
Posted by Kurma on 12/7/05; 11:57:18 PM from the Travel dept.

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