“Oh! You Beautiful Dal, You Great Big Beautiful Dal…”

This is a busy week for correspondence. Received a letter from Slovenia today:


Dear Mr Kurma!
I am using your Great Vegetarian Recipes for more than 10 years and each recipe always turns wonderful. Congratulations and thanks!

Next week I am going to cook dal for 40 people. Until now I would always cook for 2. So, it is quite a challenge before me. I plan to use 2-3 different dals, some potato and/or other vegetable. People will eat dal (one soup cup per person) with bread and maybe some raw vegetables. Could you kindly suggest me a recipe for 40 (in kg or cups) for simple nutritious dal.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Best regards,

Mrs Dragi Bedina,

I’m going to have to custom write a recipe for her, so I’ll answer it tomorrow…
Posted by Kurma on 5/8/05; 8:52:43 PM from the Travel dept.

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