Oh, Before I Forget…

Back-tracking a little (before it becomes old news). Here’s some photos of the last day’s Belgium cookery course. It ended on a very happy note.

The students were in fine form, doing a very professional job in the food preparation department.


Yadurani shows us some old chopping techniques her mother taught her in her early days in Libya. Notice the two knives in action.

herbs are a-chopping:

I invited all the other teachers to lunch – old friends of mine.

guests for lunch:

From left to right: Braja Bihari, Jayadvaita Swami, Saunaka Rishi, forgot his name (I’ll never forget whats-his-name!), Hrdaya Chaitanya, Ravindra Svarupa and Atmananda. They had a ball.
Posted by Kurma on 11/7/05; 2:13:12 AM from the Travel dept.

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