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I was walking down the main street of Fremantle yesterday and was stopped by a couple of fans of my cookbooks who wished to thank me for the inspiration they receive from my recipes. They asked me where I got *MY* inspiration from for writing the books.


I explained that whatever success I have in doing anything in this field is due to my preceptor/teacher/guru Srila Prabhupada who insired me on this path in the first place. I told them that as far as writing and cooking was concerned, Prabhupada was himself an expert in both of these fields. We got to talk more and I told them about my biography of Srila Prabhupada, entitled “The Great Transcendental Adventure”, (pictured above) and they said they would like to read it.

Here is an excerpt.
Posted by Kurma on 14/11/05; 8:59:42 AM

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