Lunch for 200

The sun rises. It’s 3.45 am. The air warms, but the birds are still sleeping.

I’m cooking lunch today for the whole gang here at the Manor. There’ll be a lot of helpers and a lot of watchers, including a catering team from Cambridge who want to know any secrets I may be revealing. I’ll try to take a few photos and share the menu with you.

Here I am , ‘slaving over a hot stove’ (not ‘working my fingers to the bone’, though).


Cooking a fabulous dal with oven-roasted vegetables, Oriya-style.

chief stirrer:

Here’s a batch of anise-scented doughnuts being spawned from a gigantic bowl of semi-liquid batter.

cooking doughnuts:

A Himalayan mountain peak of completed doughnuts glistening with frosty crystallised sugar!


Our dedicated crew pose for a photo. From Hungary, South India, Poland and Delhi.

the crew:

Famished hordes line up for lunch like naughty schoolboys and girls. They won’t be disappointed.

Why are we waiting:

An extra one-hundred people turned up for lunch – they knew I was cooking!

Time has passed. The sun is now setting over Aldenham District. I sit and write the report of today’s kitchen events – a grand success.

It was an altogether delightful way to spend a morning. The association was pleasant, the task seamlessly performed, with superb equipment and upbeat humorous kitchen banter. If all days in the kitchen were like this, I would roll out a sleeping bag and live here.
Posted by Kurma on 14/7/05; 3:32:01 PM from the Travel dept.

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