Little Victories

After being overseas for almost 6 weeks, what awaits me back home in Perth is almost overwhelming.

Unpacking huge suitcases, tackling a mountain of bills and assorted correspondence, a garden full of weeds reminiscent of “War of the Worlds”, a massive tangle of washing, a ‘to-do’ list that resembles a Microsoft manual…how does one attempt to tackle all this?

Plutarch said: “The first step towards victory is to gain courage.” I have devised a system. After courageously deciding to march to the front line and meet the enemy full-on, I commence.

It is all a matter of subjugation, then dividing, and finally conquering.

As far as unpacking, I don’t just mistakenly empty the whole contents of my suitcases in an ominous heap. I take out each item, piece-by-piece, and put it directly where it belongs, preferably out of sight, in it’s particular cupboard, office file, drawer or laundry basket.

Breaking down huge tasks into ‘bite-sized’ ones has always been my rule-of-thumb in everything I do. It really works.

Tasks that appear impossible – like writing a 300-page book, planning a world teaching tour, cooking a feast for 500, or just unpacking a suitcase – are quite possible if efficiently and methodically divided into parts and sub-parts, step-by-step.

Today, my suitcase; tomorrow, the world.

“Do not scorn little victories.” – Andre Gide (1869-1951)
Posted by Kurma on 27/7/05; 4:37:12 AM from the Travel dept.

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