In Kurma’s Country Garden

“How many kinds of sweet flowers grow
In a Kurma country garden?
We’ll tell you now of some that we know,
Those we miss you’ll surely pardon…”

Excuse my bastardised version of the old English folk song. For a start, my garden is not in the country, but in the Western Australian suburb of Bayswater. The garden is not faring too badly, especially since I’ve been away for almost 3 months, and it is winter!

Thought I’d share some images of a few things that are worthy of photographing.

My marjoram is ‘hale and hearty’.


It adds a lovely lift to my salads, soups and pastas.

It’s been a long time since I grew such lush coriander.


I think the weather has been sufficiently wet and cool for it to prosper.

My special Peruvian Aji chilies, with their distinctive twisted shape and dark coloration are waiting for me to prepare something Andean with them.

Peruvian Aji chilies:

Most appropriately it will be the famous Papa a la Huancaína, a spicy cheesy potato gratin from Huanca in Peru, flavoured with a puree of these chilis when they are big and ripe and bright orange.

I am growing potatoes for the first time – purple congos, if I recall.


The plants look healthy. Of course I will have to wait until they flower then completely die off before the potatoes are ready.

The purple Radiccio lettuce is certainly ripe and just asking to be plucked.

purple Radiccio:

Its pleasantly bitter flavour will lift sagging digestions.

There’s a few more things worth showing you. Maybe later in the week.
Posted by Kurma on 1/8/05; 3:15:02 PM from the Travel dept.

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