Good Morning Soho

At six a.m. yesterday I embarked on a half-day adventure. I was picked up from Aldenham and driven to the Downtown Temple in Soho Street, a forty-five minute expedition down the motorway.


The temple, near one of the busiest thoroughfares in central London, has enjoyed the same location for the last thirty years, along with it’s adjoining Govinda’s Restaurant.

Govinda's Soho:

I posed for a quick photo opportunity before going upstairs to give a brief morning reading from my biographical/historical work ‘The Great Transcendental Adventure’.

Kurma Soho:

The 5-storey temple building’s inner-sanctum is gorgeous, replete with classic Jaipur-style architecture.

Soho Temple:

At one end of the main temple area is an appropriate shrine for the great personality who inspired all of this, Srila Prabhupada.

Prabhupada in Soho:

The ‘cynosure for the eyes’ is the central altar housing the beautiful and graceful Murti forms of Radha and Krishna, the Divine Couple.

Radha Krishna Soho:

…along with the ever smiling Baladeva, Subhadra and Jagannatha.

Jagannatha Soho:

After a hearty breakfast I was whisked back to home base to prepare for the final of my three afternoon cookery classes.

These dal poories were just one of nine delightful courses.

Dal poories:

A group shot in our spacious cooking tent rounded out an all-but-perfect day, marred only by the early-afternoon news of yet another quartet of suicide bombing attempts in central London, exploding not long after I departed the city centre.

manor group shot:
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