Gluten Intolerance

BJ from Melbourne writes:

Hello Kurma,

I have some limited cooking ability and greatly appreciate learning from you in Melbourne a few years ago. Now I have a challenge that is a bit beyond my skill. My wife has a Gluten intolerance and so cannot have any wheat in food.

This is a big problem for about 10% of the population and difficult to diagnose. It took many years to discover it in ourcase.

So {wheat based items like} chapatis and samosas etc. are out and that leaves a gap in the menu. Can you suggest a replacement for these foods and/or do you have recipes that replace wheat with another cereal?


My answer:

Hello BJ,

Please click here for a list of alternative wheat free/mostly non or low gluten flours. Hope this helps, Kurma.



Snowed Under

Excuse me for dropping off the radar the last two days. Been a bit snowed under. I’m back.
Posted by Kurma on 7/10/05; 5:24:08 AM

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